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A collection of images from both the series and the film. Gradually I will add new galleries for each episode until all 39 are on here. The film is split into parts, as its too big do do in one go! (With parts 3 onwards coming from the DVD). The German titles were mostly sent to me by Sascha. The rest of the English 3rd Series titles were sent to me by Drenchfur. The German titles for most episodes are listed in brackets afterwards. As far as I know, the order is correct, however if anyone notices any mistakes in the order, or with the German titles, please let me know.

All the series images remain copyright of Alltime/Decode Entertainment, and the film of Nepenthe/Watership Productions Limited, however I spent all the time specifically capturing them. Please dont use them without my permission.

Episodes: -

Episode 1 - The Promised Land (Das Gelobte)
Episode 2 - Home on the Down (Neues Zuhause - Neue Gefahren)
Episode 3 - The Easy Life (Die Schlinge)
Episode 4 - Strawberry Fayre (Der Neue)
Episode 5 - Shadow of Efrafa (Gefahr Aus Efrafa)
Episode 6 - The Raid (Der Einbruch)
Episode 7 - Challenge to Efrafa (Der Fuchs)
Episode 8 - Escape From Efrafa (Flucht Von Efrafa)
Episode 9 - The Vision (Heimweh)
Episode 10 - A Tale of a Mouse (Hannah's Plan)
Episode 11 - Lost (Verschwunden)
Episode 12 - Friend and Enemy (Freund und Feind)
Episode 13 - Kidnapped (Entführt)

Episode 14 - Prisoner of Efrafa (Der Gefangene von Efrafa)
Episode 15 - The Roundabout (Pipkin wird erwachsen)
Episode 16 - The Market (Sehnsucht Nach Dem Meer)
Episode 17 - The Great Water (Wahre Freundschaft)
Episode 18 - The Stand (Das Gefecht)
Episode 19 - The Orchard (Fiver und der Dachs)
Episode 20 - The Great Game (Die Zaubermaus)
Episode 21 - Winter on Watership Down (P1) (Weihnachten in Watership Down)
Episode 22 - Winter on Watership Down (P2) (Weihnachten in Watership Down)
Episode 23 - The Mysterious Visitors (Geheimnisvolle Boten)
Episode 24 - The Invasion (Die Invasion)
Episode 25 - Bigwig's Way (Die Legende)
Episode 26 - The Homecoming (Heimkehr)

Episode 27 - The Last Battle (Campion Lebt)
Episode 28 - A New World (Woundwort gibt nicht auf)
Episode 29 - The Wanderer (Der Wanderer)
Episode 30 - The Nestling (Die Herausforderung)
Episode 31 - The Secret of Redstone (Woundwort in der Falle)
Episode 32 - My Fair Gull (Abschied von Kehaar)
Episode 33 - The Dark Deal (Redstones Untergang)
Episode 34 - Darkhaven (Zauberkräfte)
Episode 35 - The Eyes of Silverweed (Ein unfairer Zweikampf)
Episode 36 - The Spy (Die Spionin)
Episode 37 - The Betrayal (Campions Verrat)
Episode 38 - The Beginning of the End (Hannahs Meisterleistung)
Episode 39 - The Magic (Die letzte Schlacht)


The Film: -

Part 1 (1 page)
Part 2 (2 pages)
Part 3 (3 pages)
Part 4 (3 pages)








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