The Unseen Bits

Just like a warren isn't dug in a day, episodes aren't wrote without (some) careful foreward planning. After both 3rd and 4th Water, I decided to upload some of the planning parts that never made it to the final episode. In some cases, this can include completely different scenes or endings.


3rd Water

Episode List - The basic plot outlines for all 13 episodes of the series

Episode 7 - Basic planning of the two tales used in 'The Contest'. Basically, it's the titles and a brief outline.

Episode 7b - Further planning from Episode 7 for the 'Hrair-eth elil' tale. Also hints of an Elahrairah tale which never made it.

Episode 7c - At the top is the resolution to the tale of 'The Great Flood' tale. There's also another idea for an Elahrairah tale, which never made it past the title stage.

Episode 10 - Plans for episode 10, 'Search for Campion'. Includes rough details of a scene which never made it into the final episode.

Episode 12 Map - A very crudely drawn map for Episode 12, 'Battle of Little Bigwig', designed to help me visualise the writing. The trail of circles represents *roughly* Bigwig's escape route, while the trail of Triangles shows Vervain. Theres 2 Iron Roads in this, as I couldn't decide where to place it.


Episode 10 Axed Scene - A properly typed-up axed scene from 'The Search For Campion', Where Pimpernel is trapped by a collapsing section of the cavern ceiling



4th Water

Episode List 1 - Page 1 of the episode outlines, containing two early concept episodes which were later dropped as I decided it was too similar to an official series 3 plot. In them, the Watership Rabbits help a baby fox.

Episode List 2 - The second page of the outlines, missing the outline for 'The Officer', as that was added much later if you recall.

Episode List 3 - A somewhat different last few episodes of the series, later changed as I decided the original episode 12 plot resembled another official series 3 plot too much. Also episode 14 wasn't planned this far back.

Episode 6 - A rough outline for the plot of Episode 6, Reddown Rivalry.


Episode 13/14 - A properly typed snapshot of an under construction version of episodes 13 and 14, whilst they were still joined together. Lots of gaps with rough outlines in them have yet to be filled in with the actual writing, giving an insight into an episode of the fanfiction in the middle of the writing.


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