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Latest Release (30/6/2005) - Episode 5.9 - The Dark Truth

The purpose of this little subsite is to bring together the previously seperate subsites for 3rd, 4th and 5th Water. Those 3 series, collectively known as 'Further Water' (although you'll probably rarely hear me mention that =:P) are designed as my follow on from series 2. Yes, for the sake of the fiction, you have to pretend the official Series 3 (episodes 27-39) never existed; you can blame that on the UK broadcaster CITV who never aired the 3rd series for us Brits.

All the episodes can be found under episode archive, along with rough dates for the next release. A link to my latest episode can also always be found on this page. Expect more to come to this site in the near future, such as character profiles for my additional characters


Further Water


Latest News (30/6/2005)

Yep, its been another long gap I'm afraid. I had hoped it wouldn't be as long as the last time, but the uni workload amongst other factors (such as me keeping forgetting in what spare time I did have >.<) got in the way. Anyways, it is here at last, and it's a long episode, clocking in about 50% longer than usual. The series finalé wont be 4 months off though, as it's a summer holiday now. Indeed the goal is to have it done for late August at the latest, in time for the site's third birthday.

~ Entei-rah


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