Fiver's Visions (Spoilers)

This page contains spoilers for both 4th and 5th Water, however just to make them a little less obvious, I decided to do them in the style of Fiver's Visions. As the 4th Water series is now finished, the spoilers include a little explanation of what each riddle was supposed to mean (with the exception of Episode 14, which was never listed)


4th Water

Episode 4.1 - The Unwanted Darkness

Some rabbits run far, Some rabbits run near,
To save the one she holds so dear

The 'rabbit running far' refers to Hazel lost in his own world deep in the forest after the loss of Primrose, whilst the rabbit running near is the Black Rabbit. Blackberry is the one trying to save the rabbit she holds dear from him.


Episode 4.2 - The Afterlife

The rule of the weak will never survive,
Only the respected can keep it alive

The rule of the weak is an obvious reference to Vervain, and his failing attempts to run Efrafa, whilst the respected refers to Campion.


Episode 4.3 - The Missing

Whoever keeps taking more and more,
Is simply doing what our leader did before

The kidnapping of does by Watercress' warren is the same thing Hazel and co did with Efrafa and the farm (although they obviously call it 'rescuing' then =;))


Episode 4.4 - River's End

The River of Death does not run black,
May the Danger soon be back?

Not a hard one; it means Woundwort isn't dead!=:P


Episode 4.5 - The Hidden Wall

A New force brings sinister pain,
However none can stop Elahrairah's gain

The new force being the electric fence, however the second line tells us that won't keep the rabbits at bay for long. =:)


Episode 4.6 - Reddown Rivalry

The competition may be easy or hard,
So long as they don't lower their guard

The second line refers to the attack by elil during the contest. There's no talk of Bigwig's falling out with Hickory, as that hadn't been planned when I wrote this.


Episode 4.7 - Meeting of Two Minds

Weakness on the inside can be ever so strong,
The road to victory isn't quite so long

The 'weakness on the inside' refers to the weak and wimpy Vervain... however his position in the heart of Efrafa where he can incite rebellion makes him strong, and brings Woundwort's victory in the conquest nearer.


Episode 4.8 - Related Stranger

The faces match, but does the mind,
Two new hearts will ultimately bind

'The faces match' talks about Eyebright's resemblance to Primrose. As for the 2 new hearts; well that's Hawkbit and Zenthang. Didn't last long did it? =:P


Episode 4.9 - Darkened Love

The closeness of one can displace the other,
But time will reveal the true brother

Hawkbit's love for Zenthang replaces his friendship with Dandelion... however the truth comes out eventually, and proves Dandelion to be his true friend.


Episode 4.10 - The Impossible Quest

Never forget what is said in jest,
There's always someone who will pass the test

It's fairly obvious what this one means (Hawkbit jokes; Pipkin solves the 'joke'). The reason this one is so vague about the specific plot is because I hadn't figured out what the quest was going to be at this point. Hohum!


Episode 4.11 - The Officer

The ideas of the past are soon set to change,
Even if to some, they may seem strange

Well, those ideas all belong to 'ol Bigwig don't they. As we now know, he does relent eventually. He's not really a bad rabbit once you get to know him. =;)


Episode 4.12 - Redstone Phase

Revenge begins with seeing red,
The freedom there was may now be dead

The 'revenge' and 'red' references have a double meaning; one to do with Cowslip's anger and desire for revenge, and the other to do with the fact the first place they'll see is Redstone. The second line wasn't a reference to Hickory and Marigold dying. Although I could lie and say it was, I hadn't actually planned for them to die this early on in the planning.


Episode 4.13 - Struggle for Efrafa

The final battle, and all is set,
The traitor within is finally met

The traitor within being the unveiling of Vervain as traitor to Campion. This vision ended up not making much sense though, as the 14th episode meant it wasn't actually the final battle of the series. Ah well...



5th Water

Episode 5.1 - Deep Within

The darkened mind is touched by night,
But will the evil see the light?


Episode 5.2 - The Aftermath

The path to the future is littered with hate,
Together they must come, as is Frith's fate.


Episode 5.3 - Old And New Rejoin

The tables have turned, a fact they know,
By every hair on their backs, their fight must go.


Episode 5.4 - Cowslip's Beginning

The mad remains mad, but certainly not insane,
As one path closes, he sees new gain.


Episode 5.5 - Watercrossed Dilemma

The fight would be easier if they could be shifted,
Whatever the outcome, their spirits will be lifted.


Episode 5.6 - The Sly-Heart Returns

The cunning and sly to some begins to tire,
But it is a quality some will learn to admire.


Episode 5.7 - Forsaken Sight

The brotherly ties are as strong as Frith will need,
It lets others know whether they fail or succeed.


Episode 5.8 - Escape So Near

A trail to the outside, that all may follow,
An assurance that is heard, may turn out to be hollow.


Episode 5.9 - The Dark Truth

The past revealed, the future unclear,
A direction at last, in which to steer.


Episode 5.10 - Destined End

The strength of all is revealed, foe and friend,
Where will the dark trail ultimately end?


Episode 5.11 - All Our Tomorrows

The dawn grows closer, as darkness fades away,
Frith begins to rise on another day.


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