Join the Watership Down Webring

If you have a Watership Down site, why not join the webring. It costs you nothing, other than a bit of time, and helps get your site noticed by other likeminded Watership fans. Most of the joining is done through itself - the purpose of this page is simply to guide you through the process.

Step By Step

1) Go to
2) If you've never used Webring before, you'll have to register with them. Click on the 'Sign Me up' link on the left, then choose a username/password etc
3) Sign in to webring with your username and password
4) Visit
5) Follow the wizard, to fill in details about your site.

Webring will confirm the site has been submitted, and is awaiting review by me. In the meantime...

6) After a few minutes, Check your email. Webring should have sent an automatic mail which contains info on your Site ID. Remember this!
7) Either follow the instructions in the email to add the default Navbar, or visit
7) If you choose the latter, follow the wizard on that page to generate some navbar code
8) Copy the navbar code from either's page, or the wizard
9) Open up the HTML sourcecode for your webpage in an editor such as notepad
10) Find where you want the bar to go, then paste in the code
11) This may take a bit of messing to get it to appear in the correct place. Hence, its recommended you make a backup of the page before saving it
12) Once you're happy with the positioning of the bar on your page, re-upload it to the host

If you have difficulty installing the code on the page, email me and I'll be happy to help.

13) Await for me to approve the site for the ring. You should hear from me within 24 hours.

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