This section is dedicated to short extracts of video and audio from the film and series. They are, however, basically a preview of the full episode/film, for which you'll have to buy the tape yourself. The main purpose of the page is to compare the extracts from the original film with those from the modern series!

As well as snippets from the UK version of the programme, there are a few internation clips too, just so you see how it varies from one place to the next. All of the files require RealPlayer 8 or RealOne, both of which can be downloaded at

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Theme music: -

Filesize - 1.82mb    Length - 1.01minsSeries 1 - The opening titles from the 1st part of Series 1(episodes 1-5). Stephen Gately provides the vocals.

Filesize - 1.83mb    Length - 1.01minsSeries 2 - A slightly different remix used for the rest of the first and second series (episodes 6-26). Stephen Gately provides voiceover again.

Filesize - 2.81mb    Length - 1.30minsSeries 3 - The English opening titles to the third series of Watership Down. No more Stephen Gately; Instead, there's a brilliant new instrumental track. Some of the scenes in these titles vary on some episodes. Strangely, these were left in on the German DVD version, and also sometimes slip out in place of the TV Broadcast version (see below). Also complete with the English introduction/recap from the previous two series, which features Woundwort's lip actions synced to the word 'Down'.

Filesize - 1.66mb    Length - 1.30minsSeries 3 German - Meanwhile, The Titles from the TV broadcast version of the German third series. A testament to wonderful re-editing, they've gone to all the trouble of...erm... changing the last few frames of series 1's titles, as well as removing Mike Batt's name (Adding a black box around the edge in the process). Bright Eyes isn't used here either, however it's replacement track is nothing new. Why they had to do such a poor set of opening credits, when they could just as easily have changed the last few frames of the sequence above, I'll never know.

Filesize - 1.1mb    Length - 1.01mins3rd Water - I thought I'd create my own set of mock titles for my alternative fanfiction 3rd series. They're not brilliant, but bear in mind I dont have high-end video-processing equipment!! Then again, they still look less bodged than the official ones above IMO!

Filesize - 566k    Length - 0.31minsEnd Titles - The ending credits from Series 1 and 2, with Gately providing vocals.

Filesize - 817k    Length - 0.31minsEnd Titles (Series 3) - The ending titles from the third series, with no Stephen Gately, and also no mention of CITV, who abandoned the series.

Filesize - 308k    Length - 0.13minsEnd Titles (Series 3 German) - Super RTL's generic credits for the 3rd Series, complete with break bumper. Unlike their opening titles, this uses all new clips from the third series.

Filesize - 1.47mb    Length - 2.31minsThe Film - The original version of Bright Eyes from the 70's film, with vocals by Art Garfunkel. This clip is in 16:9 widescreen!


The Stories of El-ahrairah: -

Filesize - 1.22mb    Length - 3.34minsFrith's Blessing (film) - The original version of the story from the film. Animation is all hand-painted, whilst the narration and musical score play in the background. Clip is in 16:9 Widescreen.

Filesize - 1.07mb    Length - 1.40minsFrith's Blessing (series) - From the series, this time the story is read by one of the rabbits - Dandelion. He provides the narration, as well as the voices of the characters, whilst the Royal Philharmonic provide a new soundtrack. The animation this time appears to be computer-generated. Some of the important bits are also missed out, such as the whole 'you'll have to bless my bottom' line.

Filesize - 3.2mb    Length - 3minsFrith's Promise (episode 22) - The series also introduced several new tales of El-ahrairah. They varied in quality, however the one produced to explain the meaning of Christmas was one of the better examples, this time told by Pipkin.


Musical Scenes: -

Filesize - 1.15mb    Length - 1.58minsThank You Stars (German) - The namesake of this site, from Episode 9, The Vision. This was a love scene between Hazel and Primrose set to an instrumental version of the Thank You Stars music, wrote by Mike Batt. There's some German speaking at the beginning of this clip.

Filesize - 1.17mb    Length - 2.00minsThank You Stars (English) - The equivalent Thank You Stars scene in English actually has the song lyrics to accompany it, sang by Cerys Matthews. The video remains the same (indeed, that's why I used the same German video here). Thanks to David Monid for help in obtaining this clip.

Filesize - 2.16mb    Length - 2.15minsThank You Stars (Dutch) - The Netherlands version of the TYS sequence, with both music and Dutch vocals.

Filesize - 1.33mb    Length - 2.15minsView From A Hill - Another musical collection of clips, from Episode 10, The Tale of a Mouse (Hannah's Plan in German!). This time its set to an instrumental version of another of Mike's pieces of Music 'View From a Hill'. I cant see the point of the sequence, other than to pad out 2 minutes of an episode! Oddly, there is an English version with lyrics which aired in Canada, but not on the episode in the UK.

Filesize - 2.43mb    Length - 2.15minsView From A Hill (Dutch) - The Dutch Version of View From A Hill, complete with music and, quite surprisingly, native language vocals.















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