The links to Watership Down sites are, sadly, small in number, and even fewer of them are still active. Even harder to find were sites involving the cartoon series, sadly showing how unpopular it is. It's very rare I bother to add new links to this page anymore, now that I administer the Watership Down Webring. Plenty of other Watership Down sites can be found there.


LT Page - WD Series
An excellent website related to the Watership series, however sadly webmaster Jaffs is pulling all these pages down nowadays, for reasons known only to himself. The link still works for now, but don't expect it to for much longer. =:(

The Official Geman Watership Down Series
Like above, only this time it's the special German version of the Watership Series. (AKA Unten am Fluss). Despite the fact that the third series is exclusive to them, the German version of the site makes no reference to it (in fact it doesn't even mention series 2). There's some interesting stuff on here, although an awful lot of it is just recycled from the English site above.

View From Watership Down
Another site for the series, created by someone from Austria. Lots of interesting information to be found here.

Mike Higgins Watership Down Posing
This site belongs to a cartoon artist. He's damn good at his work, and one of the projects he worked on was a few scenes in the third series of Watership Down. Theres some of the original pencil drawings of the characters on this site!

Bits 'n Bob-stones
Loganberry's site, which is being kept well up to date. It includes a brilliant course in learning to speak the Lapine Language. It's a bit complicated for me, but its impressive, and clearly there's a lot of time and effort gone into it! There's also analysis of the book and Radio 4 dramatisation, as well as other essays. More recently, maps and photos from the real Watership Down have been added, making for a nice all-round Watership Down site. =:)

Nildro-Inlé Warren
A Watership Down RPG.  One of the oldest original (and still active!) WD RPGs in existence.

Bill's Watership Down Fan Fiction
By Bill Welch, this site has a nice collection of fanfiction based upon the down. - Watership Down
A direct link to the Watership Down category of, featuring some excellent fiction from numerous people around the world.

Laura's Watership Down Page
This site has info about the book, as well as a huge collection of wavefiles from the film. Also has a nice web address with the name of one of my other fave films in it!!

The Real Watership Down Page
Photos from the actual location in Berkshire, UK.

Richard Adams' Watership Down
A site with a lot of info on the different language versions of Richard Adams' text.

Steward's Watership Down Photo Gallery
A gallery of pictures from the original film. 

Tribute to Watership Down
As you can probably guess, its a tribute site to Watership Down - both the book and film. Has a rather interesting looking computer-generated rabbit on the homepage!!

Hyzenthlay, Thethuthinnang, and Vilthuril's Burrow
A fansite... er.... by the 3 does from the Down (IIRC, they were Efrafan escapees). Has some nice fanfic by them. Sadly, it's another deserted site.


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