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The Images and Video/Audio from the series are copyright of Alltime Entertainment and Decode Entertainment. They were, however, all captured for the site by me. so should stay on the site. If either of the companies objects to use of the material, they can email me(address below).

The Original Text of the book, and characters belong to Richard Adams, the author. The original film belongs to Nepenth Productions and Watership Productions Limited. Again, if they have any objections to any material on this site, email me, and I will amend the site

I am not affiliated with any of the companies above. This site is a completely unofficial, non-commercial venture. Any material is presented here purely for the purposes of comparing the series, with the film, to highlight differences in the styles of the two.


As for the stuff thats mine. I own the copyright on the actual design and layout of the site. More importantly, although the fanfic series 3rd Water is using someone else's characters, the text, ideas and additional characters belong to me, hence they dont go anywhere without my permission (Get down on your knees and BEG - only kidding). Im sorry if I seem very defensive of my series, but some of my previous writing had bits of it 'borrowed' for a fanfic series called Fifth Voyager, and Im not going to make that mistake again.

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