Watership Down Fanart - Thumbnails

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I reduced the size of the image and it is still huge... the colours are off too. It's the Stargate SG-1 characters Maj Davis, General Hammond, Dr Fraiser, and Kawalski as rabbits. The drawing was signed by two of the actors at GateCon...   Second in the Stargate/Watership Down series (or, Watergate Down as I call it). Systemlords Nirrti, Anubis, Apophis, and Heru-ur. Signed by their respective actors at GateCon (what I drew these pics for!).   The final Watergate Down drawing, featuring Martouf, Lya, Xels, and a horrible looking Jonas. I drew it on the bus ride to Vancouver ;) Autographed by those characters actors as well as other actors who showed up without having been announced pre-Con (which is why they aren't drawn in).   I drew this for Easter and for some reason didn't even think to upload it to here right away.  Aw well :)   Stargate SG-1 character "Dr Janet Fraiser" as a rabbit. Drawn on request for a birthday card that will be presented to actor Teryl Rothery. The "Bend over, Colonel" was my idea ;) Dunno if I like the pic though...   woundwort.JPG