Watership Down Fanart

To all those who are wondering, this art is based on the Watership Down fan fiction "Watership Down: The Cross-bearer", the story about a human boy chosen to save El-ahrairah and with a fellowship of the Watership Down rabbits sent to protect him in the land beyond life (it's on The characters are as follows: Column 1(far left, starting at the top): Dandelion, Bluebell, Silver, Hawkbit Column 2(middle, starting at the top): Hazel, Bigwig (he's not that hard to spot! =) ), Strawberry, Campion, Holly, Fiver, Justin, Pipkin Column 3(far right, starting at the top): Acorn, Speedwell (hee hee, I love the comical look he has on his face! =) ), Buckthorn, Blackberry Once I learn how to effectively use Photoshop, I'll color it and send an updated pic later. Until then, enjoy! =) RogueFanKC

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