Watership Down Fanart - Thumbnails

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My first attempt at PaintShopPro colouring! What do you think?   Blackavar on the dunes. Coloured (badly) in PaintShopPro 7.   The stern-faced Campion   Hawkbit   Hazel   Hazel - drawn in the film style with black felt tip, brown colouring pencil and black gel pen.        I'm thinking of doing more like this.    Hazel, Bigwig and Hawkbit   Sorrel, a buck created by me, talks to Pipkin.   Bigwig     Bigwig pretending to be Blackavar!   Blackavar   My favourite character, Blackavar.   A classic Hawkbit expression   Fiver and Hazel   Blackavar in the dark, illuminated by a shaft of lightning behind him.   Threar, Fiver's son.   Quite possibly the cutest picture I have ever drawn!