Watership Down Fanart

This section of the site is designed to showcase the artwork of some Watership Down fans out there. Some of the time, there's familiar characters and poses, whereas other times it could be a completely new character, or a new situation.

Comments can be made on some of artwork, however it's entirely up to the artist whether they enable the system or not. Anything offensive will be deleted either by myself or them. If you make a comment and it doesn't appear immediately, it could be that that person has chosen to moderate all comments first. The comment, therefore, should appear when they're next online instead. A small notification at the top of the screen after posting will tell you if this is the case.

At present, there's artwork by me (Entei-rah), and a few other people below. If you're a Watership fanartist, and would like me to set up your own section, please email me.

Whereas many of the characters remain copyrighted to Alltime/Decode Entertainment, All the work on here is the property of the artist who created it. As such, it is forbidden for the artwork to be displayed anywhere else without their prior written permission. (You'll have to get in touch with me first for that, unless the artist has chosen to display their email address).



In alphabetical order:-


Blaze - 17 images
Elflay - 1 image
Enteirah - 2 images
Eyebright - 1 image
Iveechan - 1 image
Kooshmeister - 8 images
Moonshadow - 7 images
Roguefankc - 1 image
Tuftedpuffin - 6 images
Vakasi - 8 images

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