Desktop Images

The idea of this page is to provide a few big screengrabs which can be used as wallpaper on your computer's desktop. I keep adding to these every once in a while, so keep an eye on the updates page.

The images are all 1024x768. The easiest way to use them is to left click on the link, and wait. Once the image has loaded, right click on it and select 'Set as Wallpaper' from the pop-up-menu. I've replaced all but one of the series 1 images with captures from the DVD now, so they are much higher quality. The film and Series 3 images all came from the DVDs too. Due to the nature of the film though (ie old and grainy hand painted images that dont work too well with MPEG2 compression) the images from that are still not perfect.

All the series images remain copyright of Alltime/Decode Entertainment, and the film of Nepenthe/Watership Productions Limited, however I spent all the time specifically capturing them. They are available to use as wallpaper on your desktop, however they are not intended to be used on another website without my permission.

If there's a particular Watership scene you'd like me to put up a desktop image for, email me and let me know. If I can, I'll add it as soon as possible.


Series 1

Efrafa - 68k

The Down - 64k

Group Photo - 102k

Main Logo - 67k

Bigwig/Kehaar - 73k

Fire Flashback - 45k

Vervain - 74k

Hazel/Primrose - 56k

Woundwort - 70k

Vervain/Primrose - 56k

Efrafa Journey - 92k

Honeycomb - 90k

Railway Threat - 85k

Waterside - 79k


Series 3

Aspen/Vervain - 86k

Bigwig - 79k

Campion - 92k

Campion/Black Rabbit - 57k

Down Shot 1 - 74k

Down Shot 2 - 58k

The Orchard - 115k

Vervain - 75k

Woundwort - 72k

Annoyed - 71k

Hide 'n' Seek - 79k

Lightning Campion - 58k

Pipkin Flower - 81k

Tyreyard - 60k

Vervain Wire - 71k

Efrafa battle - 72k

Pipkin/Campion - 96k



The Film

Bigwig/Woundwort - 62k

Field of Blood - 77k

Climbing Down - 81k

Opening shot - 64k

Elahrairah - 109k

Hazel/Black - 92k

Railway Group - 123k

River Group - 105k

Bigwig/Hyzenthay - 76k

Cat/Hazel - 75k

Blackavar Merciful - 87k

Pipkin Climbing - 82k

Holly Group - 61k



Frithmas (Episodes 21/22)

Window Group (aka Bigwig The Criminal =;)) - 85k

Ice Rabbit - 75k

Dandelion Snow - 64k

Down Shot - 82k

Frith's Promise - 88k

Groupshot in Snow - 79k


Series 3 - Finale (The Magic)

Battling Bark - 83k

Black Rabbit - 65k

Darkhaven Army - 83k

Last Down View - 85k

First Wave (Vervain) - 56k

First Wave (Woundwort) - 83k

First Wave (Watershippers) - 74k

Group at Night - 71k

Hazel in Lightning - 77k

Primrose Attack! - 57k

Magic Take - 79k

Vervain - Oh my! - 49k

Silverweed/Skree - 62k

Woundwort/Hazel Fight - 92k

Ground Cracking - 72k



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