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The amount of voice over actors used in Watership Down, both celebrity and regular, was huge. By going through every episode in detail, and researching on the net, I aim to provide what must be the most complete Cast List available. As far as I know, these are all correct (some of it does involve educated guessing), but if you spot any mistakes, or notice there's a character missing, let me know. Currently, the voices for the main characters only covers those from the first two series. There were several changes for series 3 (eg Hazel) which will require some more effort to successfully document.

The German cast list is also now on the site. These all come from the credits off the DVD version of Series 3, so whether or not there have been any major voiceover changes from the first 2 series, I dont know. A huge thanks to Befrafa who emailed me this list, as well as pointing out a few minor mistakes with the English spellings, and lots of extra English characters. Thanks also to Sascha who alerted me to a site with some of the German voiceover actors listed.

Most recently, I've added the cast list from the Dutch version of Watership Down. The cast list for this was once again provided by Befrafa, and can be found on the DVDs available from the Netherlands for those interested. =:)


English Voiceovers

Watership Characters
Fiver - Andrew Falvey
Strawberry - Robert Harper
Pipkin - Elliot Henderson Boyle
Dandelion - Phill Jupitus
Bigwig - Stephen Mangan
Blackberry - Sue Elliot Nicholls
Hawkbit - Lee Ross
Hazel - Ian Shaw
Blackavar - Stephen Gately
Captain Broom - Richard Briers
Primrose - Kate Ashfield
Clover - Jo Rodriguez
Kehaar - Rik Mayall
Hannah - Jane Horrocks
Primrose's Kids - Alice and Sean Welsh

Efrafan Characters
Moss - Tom Eastwood
Vervain - David Holt
Campion - Rob Rackstraw
General Woundwort - John Hurt

Hickory - Kiefer Sutherland
Marigold - Stephanie Morganstern
Bark - Janet Dale
Cowslip - Stephen Fry
Silverweed - Tim McInnery
The Weasel - Matt Wilkinson
Raincloud - Rob Rackstraw
Bluesky - David Holt
Tassle - Janet James
Frost - Janet James
Boxwood - David Holt
Darkling - David Holt
Katrina - Janet James
Culoci (sp?) - The Puffin - Anthony Barclay



German Voiceovers

Watership Characters
Bigwig - Ulrich Voss
Blackberry - Liane Rudolph
Captain Broom - Gerd Holtenau
Dandelion - Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Fiver - David Turba
Hannah - Sabine Manke
Hawkbit - Oliver Feld
Hazel - Erich Räuker
Holly - Peter Gröger
Kehaar - Lutz Schnell
Pipkin - Arda Vural
Primrose - Marie Bierstedt (Possibly Nina Kronjäger in series 3)
Strawberry - Uwe Büschken

Efrafan Characters
Moss - Christoph Banken
Vervain - Eberhard Prüter
Campion - Gerald Paradies
General Woundwort - Helmut Krauss

Other Characters (including New 3rd Series Characters)
Hickory - Eckhard Bilz
Marigold - Antje von der Ahe
Aspen - Tom Deininger
Heather - Cathrin Vaessen
Gluck - Heike Schroetter



Dutch Voiceovers

Watership Characters
Bigwig - Victor van Sway
Fiver - Martin van den Ham
Dandelion - Philip ten Bosch
Hawkbit - Hein Boele
Pipkin - Trevor Reekers
Primrose - AnneMieke Ruyten
Clover - Marjolein Algera
Blackavar - Tony Neef
Blackberry - Tanneke Hartzuiker
Kehaar - Thomas Hartman
Hannah - Ann Ceurvels
Hazel - Sander de Heer

Efrafan Characters
Moss - Jan Nonhof
Vervain - Olaf Wijnants
Campion - Rob van de Meerberg
Woundwort - Kees Coolen

Other Characters (including New 3rd Series Characters)
Cowslip - Huib Rooymans
Hickory - Bram Bart

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