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This was a page suggested to me a while back in the guestbook. It's taken me about 7 month, but I have finally managed to get round to it (actually, the reason it took so long was because I needed to wait for the photos, but never mind!)

All photos are copyrighted to me. None of them may be distributed without my prior written permission!


Name: Entei-rah
Meaning of name: Entei-rah is my furry name. Basically, Entei is the name of a Pokemon. There's a long story behind how I ended up with that, which I wont go into now. Rah is Prince or Chief in Lapine, as any Watership fan will know.
Age: 19
Date Of Birth: 6/5/1985
Gender: Buck
Warren: County Durham, UK
Favourite Series Characters: Hawkbit, Vervain, Campion, Woundwort, Cowslip, Bigwig
Least Favourite Series Characters: Primrose, Primrose's kids, Katrina
Favourite Film Characters: Fiver, Bigwig, Woundwort
Least Favourite Film Characters: None really; I like them all
First Found Watership Down: 1999 (Guess Why!)
Watership Stuff owned (See picture below): Richard Adams' Watership Down Novel, Tales From Watership Down Novel, Series CD soundtrack, Film LP soundtrack, Barbara Dickson LP (unused Watership track), WD Series vol 1 + 2 tapes, Bigwig and Primrose beanies (little), Fiver 9" Plushie, Full set of 6" beanies, Film DVD, Series 3 DVD (German), Escape To Watership Down DVD, All of Series 1+2 English, Half of Series 1+All of Series 2 German, BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial (2002), Cereal Figures (Pipkin, Fiver and Hazel), Enesco figures (Blackberry and Bigwig)

Favourite Watership Quote: My Heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today
Favourite Non-Watership Line: If That Is What You Wish
Favourite Author: Richard Adams (Obvious Really)
Likes: Watership Down, Writing, Computer programming, Pokemon, Television Presentation
Dislikes: Spammers, CITV (They wont show series 3!)

I might think of some other things to add in the future (unless you want to ask me anything, in which case just email me).

Watership Down Code
WD1.1 W++++ T+ N+++ S++++ RBi G+ L+>+++ g- F++++ A+>++ w++++ C++>++++ D->++++ t+++ P? r++ a19 sm nGBR c++


 For anyone interested, the stuff above came from:-
Watership Down Novel - www.waterstones.co.uk
Tales From Watership Down - *shrugs*
Escape to Watership Down DVD - www.amazon.com
Watership Down Vols 1 and 2 tape - www.amazon.co.uk
Series 3 DVD in German (Die Original DVD zur TV-Serie) - www.amazon.de
Film DVD In German/English - www.amazon.de
Watership Down Soundtrack - www.jungle.com (now closed)
Plushies, LPs - www.ebay.co.uk



The 'Special' Equipment

Now for some interesting/Boring (delete as applicable) photos of the bizarre satellite setup I have, specifically for recieving the Watership Down Series From Super RTL in Germany. I'll get up some pictures of some of the other equipment used for making the site at some point.

The TV, Analogue Decoder and Video Machine.

The Satellite Dish, pointed out of a window (yes, it had been snowing when I took this!)

And finally, a picture of the whole setup in action, complete with lots of wires across the room, and an open window. That's something Double-Glazing Salesmen will never tell you; that Double Glazing practically kills Satellite signals.


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