John Hurt - 22/1/1940 - 27/1/2017

Following on from the sad news of the loss of the great man himself Richard Adams at the age of 96 in December 2016, January sees another sad loss to someone well loved from the Watership Down community - John Hurt, at the age of 77. Hurt was one of the best known British actors, appearing far and wide across film and television over the past 50 years. He's most well known around here for providing the gentle voiceover of Hazel in the original Nepenthe Film, and as the more menacing voice of Woundwort in the 1999 TV Series. A sad loss to us all.

"My Heart has joined The Thousand, for my friend stopped running today"

~ Entei-rah


We first started to hear the rumours of a new remake of Watership Down in production at the BBC last year via a few scant articles on The Radio Times. In exciting times, finally the BBC have revealed further details of the remake, including the new all-star cast list and details of their teamup with Netflix which will provide the series with global exposure and presumably a much needed extra boost to the budget. It looks like we'll be closer to the book than the series, albeit with not quite as much violence as the movie something I'm sure will split opinion.

BBC Press Office Release

The site itself may be on a bit of a hiatus with regular updates, however as this is one of the biggest things to happen to the Watership Down community since the series 16 years ago, you can be sure I'll be keeping track of all the latest things to happen with this and bringing updates as they happen. Keep an eye on the site and as always feel free to leave your thoughts on the Guestbook or via our new Twitter.

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Welcome to Thank U Stars

This website is a fansite devoted to Watership Down. What makes it unique, however, is that it primarily concentrates upon the animated series version from 1999/2000. Most fans of the book and original film have taken a very negative view of the series, but I liked it. If you're one of them, and are not going to be persuaded, all is not lost. There is still alot of stuff based upon the Nepenthe Film, to keep everyone happy.

Aside from the main site, there is my fanfiction subsite. This contains all the episodes from my 3 Further Water fanfiction series, entitled 3rd, 4th (would you believe it) 5th Water.

What's on this site

At present, this site is one of the biggest places for picture galleries, and episode guides, and other information for the series. There are also some things from the Nepenthe film here, as I compare the modern series with the more traditional film. Some larger, high quality images are available from both for use as Desktop Images. You can also find the multimedia section, featuring some short extracts of both film and series.

There is some original fan creativity on the site too. Firstly theres the fanart section, featuring some brilliant work by other Watership Down fans. There's also my fanfiction series, 3rd, 4th and 5th Water. Basically, the animated series had 2 seasons over 1999/2000, each with 13 episodes. There was a third series, but it was never aired in the UK. I hadn't seen it, hence I decided to create my own alternative virtual series 3, to try and complete some of the unfinished storylines. Wrote between September 2002 and March 2003, this became known as 3rd Water. After the positive response I received from that, I decided to write a second series; 4th Water. Produced between June 2003 and January 2004, this didn't continue from the official series 3, although by the time I started it I did now know much of the official plot. Instead, it continued where 3rd Water left off. Now I am onto my third and final series 5th Water, continuing the adventures further, though it is currently on hiatus awaiting the long-delayed series finale, as I've not been much in the mood for writing for a while. Rest assured, it will be completed though! All of them can be accessed from the fanfiction subsite.
Most importantly, Im going to make sure this site is updated regularly, as there's nothing worse than an out-of-date site. Remember to check back often - I usually update the site weekly.

Finally, the background music is an extract of a song called Thank You Stars, and is sang by Cerys Matthews. If you're the sort who doesn't like music loading on the homepage (It will be dropped in the relaunch, so enjoy whilst you can =;)), you can disable it for future visits by clicking Here. For more information on the Watership Down series, check out the background page, accesible from the menu on the left. If you dont see the menu, click here.

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